Truely built for the whole HoReCa industry.

We excel in helping hotels, cafes, takeaway shops and restaurants achieve a safe and effective ordering process as well as increasing their revenue with our smart tools.

Guests will breeze thru the ordering and payment process with ease

We put great efforts into creating an app with the ease-of-use as our main focus. Our goal was to create a fluent and satisfying ordering experience for both the customer and the establishment. Our team of experienced designers, developers and usability experts have meticulously created the most intuitive and friendly functionality and UI/UX. That paired with and ground-breaking AI that optimizes the service though-out the customers visit.

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Patrons will get exclusive loyalty benefits and surprises via the app.

Increase customer satisfaction as well as optimizing revenue and repeat business.

Our ordering process is swift and easy, but HeyWaitr is much more than this. Look at HeyWaitr as having an additional team-member that constantly makes sure that the customer is content, as well as always making sure that the customer is timely prompted with the correct offerings and choices. HeyWaitr increases customer experience, repeat visits and optimizes revenue with ground-breaking behaviour AIs.

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